Providing Support For Thousands of DPS Troopers and Their Families

NEW: 100% of all Donations to DPSTF received online between September 1, 2017 and October 31, 2017 will go directly to aide Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association members (Troopers, Special Agents, Texas Rangers, Communications Specialists, Forensic Scientists and Retired DPSOA members) who have sustained serious losses in this Harvey Disaster.

The Texas DPS Troopers Foundation was launched by the Department of Public Safety Officers Association to further support DPS personnel by providing financial assistance for a variety of important services and programs including:

Survivor Death Benefits

Helping the Families of Fallen DPS Troopers

Emergency Financial Assistance

Providing Medical Needs & Unforeseen Disasters Such as the Bastrop Wildfires

Scholarship Grants

Ensuring Education Grants for Both DPSOA Members’ Children and the Public

At-Risk Youth Programs

Advancing Anti-Drug/ Alcohol & Stay-in-School Programs

Training and Education Programs

Creating DPS Leadership Forums and Sessions Such as At-Risk Youth Interdiction & Sexual Harassment Education


Imagine if your child had seizures and three ambulance rides in one week. Prolonged hospital stays. Testing several times a month. The DPS Troopers Foundation was honored to be able to provide some financial relief to a trooper facing this serious family medical emergency. With your help we can provide even more funding to help Texas troopers and their families in need as well as educational opportunities for students and leadership and training opportunities for troopers across the state.

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Foundation Highlights

  • Awarded over $200,000 in scholarship grants to qualified applicants of both DPSOA members’ children and to the general public
  • Contributed more than $45,000 for emergency financial assistance, including family medical emergencies and for DPS personnel who lost their homes in the Bastrop County wildfires
  • Delivered more than $180,000 in survivor death benefits
  • Offered several education/training programs, including a DPS Leadership Forum, an At-Risk Youth Interdiction session, and a Sexual harassment session

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About DPSOA and the DPS Troopers Foundation

For more than 40 years, the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA) has been working to advocate on behalf of Troopers, Agents, Rangers, Officers, Communications Personnel and Forensic Scientists of the Texas Department of Public Safety. DPSOA is the largest organization representing commissioned law enforcement officers in Texas and includes more than 3300 men and women who daily pledge their lives to protect Texans across the state.

DPSOA is a not-for-profit organization which is funded primarily through member dues and revenue generated by our annual conference. In 2010 the organization launched the Texas DPS Troopers Foundation (DPSTF) to further support DPS commissioned officers, communication personnel, and forensic scientists by providing financial assistance in times of emergency need, survivor benefits at death, education and training programs, and scholarships for qualifying family members. The DPSTF also supports at-risk youth programs in the community. DPSTF depends on public donations in order to serve its mission.